IT Support Gateshead

Welcome to IT Support Gateshead with ZebraHosts Ltd

IT Support Gateshead can install and maintain leading firewall products, servers, PC's, remote access, IT support and a whole host of solutions

Installation and System Setup Services

Remote IT Support Means No Call Out Charges

As part of our IT Support Gateshead service, ZebraHosts can access your computer remotely and securely to diagnose problems with your network and machines.

Where we cannot fix your computer remotely one of our IT support engineers will come and visit your office to provide hands on support for your IT issues.

IT Support Gateshead Takes The Strain Away

IT Support Gateshead gives you access to all the technical skill and expertise employed by ZebraHosts so you can be confident that your IT infrastructure is being looked after, allowing you to focus on the growth and development of your business.

ZebraHosts's experience in developing and supporting a datacentre also means we can provide high quality support for a wide variety of things.

Our clients have found that by having IT Support, staff can get on with their work without distraction from IT problems..

IT Support Contracts or Ad Hoc Support

Whether you opt for an IT support contract that's tailored to meet the needs of your organisation or request our support for specific occassions, we can give you instant access to IT professionals when you need an expert to help you out. ZebraHosts have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide dedicated IT Support to Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Dedicated Support Contracts

For peace of mind and cost effective support, many businesses prefer  to take out a dedicated support contract.  We can tailor support contracts to all budgets, small and large, and let you rest easy with the thought that your IT is in safe hands.

Dedicated support contracts are a great way to keep control over your IT expenditure and help plan for business growth.

ZebraHosts's IT Support Gateshead service is focussed on providing your business with a service that is appropriate to your budget and requirements so after an initial consultation and technical inspection we can provide you with a tailored support agreement.

Ad Hoc Support

We can also provide support when a specific project comes up that would benefit from our expertise.  Even without a continuing agreement, we still provide dedicated support that meets your precise needs and requirements.

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We will become your remote IT Support Team, saving you money and time that will allow your business to grow.